Another Mass Shooting

(Josh Edelson/AFP /Getty) It’s just another day, you’ve got some stuff on your mind, seeing what you have to do next, or taking care of your daily tasks then you hear or read… A N O T H E R   S H O O T I N G The news channels and sites state: Certain... Continue Reading →

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Tiana Clark

I hustle upstream.I grasp. I grind.I control & panic. Poke balloons in my chest, always popping there, always my thoughts thump, thump. I snooze — wake & go boom. All day, like this I short my breath. I scroll & scroll. I see what you wrote — I like. I heart. My thumb, so tired. My head bent down,... Continue Reading →

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Life’s Equation

Marriage was a preventative transaction - so casual sex is an emotive deduction - and Love is a binding addiction.... so let Truth equate in all your solutions....

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Do You Even Hustle, Bro? Hustle if you want, but do it because it makes you happy, not for what you’ll get down the road if you do……That Ego Bro 🤷🏽‍♀️

Somewhere along the way, we started glorifying “hustle.” We started praising people who would “tell it like it is,” namely in regard to getting off your a** and working harder. I see it in memes, in videos, and in real life. Maybe it’s generational. Maybe it’s the ease of gaining a platform that social media... Continue Reading →

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Erection: An American Allegory

With an Appetite for Altruistic Actions, A Millay of Pain, Embodied within Her Traditional Perfection, A Perpetual Pain, followed by Malignant Inactions, Embezzled, Atop Puritanical Afflictions. She Surely Searches, but Dares not Mention, Of Curves, and Wit, And a Constant Erection…… But, Let us Digress From these Static Descriptions, And Let us Move on to Her... Continue Reading →

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Beauty of Motion

         The Beauty of our Motion, Juxtaposed all Notions,        Ever Drenched through Pure Emotions, That our Passion was Irrevocable............      Thus, I humbly concede, that Hearts' still Bleed,         In the most Crudest of Fashions, Proclaimed and Conveyed through Equivalent Inactions...........        ... Continue Reading →

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Her Catastrophe will lead you to Ecstasy

Her catastrophe will lead you to ecstasy Her Pain will teach you empathy   Her sorrows drain your sympathy While her strength will challenge you structurally..... Her caress will linger with your distress..... have you begging  for her to undress,   All, as her eloquence clenches to your very chest Whilst you strive for that... Continue Reading →

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Woe is Me for ENTP’s

Dating problems of an ENTP Female with ADHD Intellect is direly important to this type and they seek out partners who value knowledge, analysis and intellectual growth above all else.  • This one was handsome and smart as a box of rocks. • This one is smart and is certain that makes him the center... Continue Reading →

Relationship Between Loneliness, Psychiatric Disorders & Physical Health? Let’s Review the Psychological Aspects of Loneliness

Is there a Relationship Between Loneliness, Psychiatric Disorders and Physical Health? A Review on the Psychological Aspects of Loneliness — Read on -— PLEASE Abstract Human beings are social species which require safe and secure social surroundings to survive. Satisfying social relationships are essential for mental and physical well beings. Impaired social relationship can lead... Continue Reading →

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